IT Security and Forensic Services

Prevention. Consultation. Analysis. Training.

We’ve all heard the saying … an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Data breaches are fast becoming the most costly adverse event for a business. They can abruptly put an end to another wise prosperous business enterprise. The Ponemon Institute puts the average cost of a data breach in 2014 15% more than last year. In 2013 Germany and the US experienced the most costly data breaches at $199 and $188 respectively per compromised record.

SESI offers business and individuals services that secure data over the internet.  IT Security is a hot button but very few businesses are preventing hackers and spammers from accessing their information. 

How do we do it?

  • Site Survey - we catalog your hardware and software first, then we look at how you store you data and where, as well as your wireless network.  As a business owner you receive a full report on your Technology, data and receive recommendation on how to fix vulnerabilities, and receive a must do list  for items that have already put you at risk.
  • Firewall & Website Testing - Concerned that your existing firewall or security software isn't doing its job effectively.  Receiving junk mail from your website forms. We can perform a security test on your system to pinpoint vulnerabilities.
  • Security Assessments - This includes a site survey, firewall and website testing, a well as other in depth testing to gain the full picture of your current IT security Measures, their effectiveness and identify where work needs to be one, as well as assessment of IT personal and users of your network.
  • Compliance Audits and Reviews - Once a IT security plan is in place SESI highly recommends Audits and yearly reviews to keep your standards up-to-date.
  • IT Security Forensics - already been breach...need to know who compromised your system and how to avoid in the future.  This service can give you information about the breach, how it was done, who did it and how to avoid in the future.
  • Training - Already have IT personal but they need training on the latest IT Security issues, our CISSP is ready to give a presentation to your tech people.