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Software Engineering Services, Inc (SESI) philosophy supports businesses, non-profits and entrepreneurs to bring your passion to the digital world. It takes time to figure out how to build a website or how this will work with that when it comes to technology.  That’s were we come in, think of us as your business’s easy button for technical needs.



  • Web Development, Graphic Design, Website Forms, databases and Managed Hosting, we help Businesses establish or improve their web presence.
  • Web Security is a need in this day and age, investing in website monitoring, protection, and malware clean up is sound business strategy in our Digital Age.
  • Business Consulting and Training services from professionals in Information Technology, Web Security, Web Interfaces and Integration, Digital Business Practices, Social Media, Digital Strategy — bring your business into the fast paced 21st.  SESI has, cumulatively,  over 50 years of experience, we don’t know it all but have experienced a lot over the past 20 years — enough to be creative in many industries that need professional IT Expertise and Digital Creativity.
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